Corner windows


Corner windows can be somewhat tricky to create, especially when deciding how you might go about cutting an opening in the second wall where the window wraps around.

Users have used all kinds of tricks to make this happen, most notably the use of editing the second wall’s profile, or using the Opening By Face tool.
The problem with these methods is that they are time consuming and hard to make sure the opening stays associated with the window for if the window changes size or location.

With the recent introduction of the Cuts with Voids When Loaded family parameter, this process can be simplified.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start a new, or open an existing corner window family.
  2. In the Exterior elevation, delete out the Opening element.
  3. In it’s place, model a Void but make sure that the void isn’t cutting any geometry including the wall host. The void will need to be the same size of the window in both directions. Refer to the image as an example.
  4. In the Family Parameters, toggle on the Cuts with Voids When Loaded parameter.

Now load the window into a project and place into a wall. You will notice that the wall will not yet have the opening cut.
Select the Cut Geometry tool and select one of the walls and then the window. Repeat with the second wall.

Now you have a window which cuts both walls without the use of any kind of opening element, and the openings are associated with the window’s size and location.


Chad is a consultant to the AEC industry, a design technologist, VDC advocate, BIM Manager, early Revit adopter, and public speaker.