3DR have released a new version of their Site Scan Manager app and Site Scan Field app. This release offers a number of important features for improved data capture, as well as data usage.

Importing ground control points

3DR Site Scan ground control pointsUsing the Site Scan Manager, entering Ground Control Points (GCPs) improves coordination accuracy. Using Site Scan and your choice of georeferencing coordinate system, accuracy reduces to under 5cm (2 inches).

Check out 3DR’s post on Adding Ground Control Points (GCPs) with Site Scan Manager.

Georeferencing orthomosaics

3DR Site Scan georeferenced orthomosaicSite Scan Manager leverages the ground control points for quicker georeferencing of orthomosaics.

Check out 3DR’s post on Georeferencing orthomosaics and DEMs with Site Scan Manager.

Overlaying of CAD & BIM data

3DR Site Scan overlay CAD BIM dataGeoreferenced design files can be overlaid onto orthomosaics to identify construction deviations. Tracking the construction progress and spotting mistakes sooner helps with avoiding costly rework.

Check out 3DR’s post on Uploading design and engineering files to Site Scan Manager.

The new project interface

3DR Site Scan new UISite Scan Manager now supports projects. Projects add consistency when re-flying jobs, reusing GCPs, monitoring progress, and overlaying design data.

Check out 3DR’s post on Organizing projects with Site Scan Manager.

New battery failsafe

The 3DR Solo now dynamically checks the battery charge during the flight. Should the charge become too low before completing the mission it will return home. Keep in mind that Site Scan also supports multi-battery jobs.

This feature is only for the Solo’s fitted with the Sony R10C camera, and the firmware must also be updated. Check out Updating firmware through Site Scan Field.

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