BIM 360 Docs Update – March 29, 2017

BIM 360 Docs RFI List

The March 29, 2017 BIM 360 Docs update delivers on the roadmap themes of Document Management and Viewing & Review workflows, with new versions of the Android and iOS apps, as well as enhancements to Docs web.

New features and improvements include:

  • Export Activity Log to *.csv and other Activity Log enhancements
  • Copy a specific version of a document
  • Android v1.3 – Callout hyperlinking navigation and issue creation
  • iOS V2.2 – New RFI Capabilities
  • Docs Web – Improved RFI and Issue access and navigation

For a full list of details visit the Autodesk Forum.

SOURCEBIM 360 Docs Update - March 29, 2017
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